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Title: Щодо поняття й ознак майнових відносин в акціонерному товаристві
Other Titles: On the issue of the concept and features of property relations in a joint-stock company
Authors: Туркот, О.А.
Turkot, O.A.
Keywords: майнові відносини
ознаки майнових відносин
акціонерне товариство
майнові права
корпоративні права
property relations
features of property relations
joint-stock company
property rights
corporate rights
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Юридична;1
Abstract: Здійснено аналіз наукових праць і законодавства, визначено поняття «майнові відносини в акціонерному товаристві». Виокремлено різні підходи науковців до тлумачення поняття «майнові відносини». Зауважено на істо- ричний розвиток законодавства з регулювання майнових відносин в акціонер- ному товаристві. Також встановлено ознаки майнових відносин в акціонерно- му товаристві. Розглянуто нормативно-правові акти, за допомогою яких необхідно регулювати майнові відносини в акціонерному товаристві.Property relations are the foundation of the activity of a joint-stock company based on which it carries out its economic activity. In the article attention is paid to the historical development of the legislation on the regulation of property relations in a joint-stock company. Normative and legal acts regulating property relationships in a joint-stock company are determined. The authors consider three approaches to the definition of the concept of «property relations» distinguished by scientists. On the basis of the analysis of scientific publications and legislation, the concept of «property relations in the joint-stock company» is defined as a comprehensive concept concerning relationships of possession, use, or transfer of property or other property benefits from the joint-stock company/shareholder to another subject. The authors also define such features of property relations in a joint-stock company as: regulation by different branches of law (civil and commercial), legal equality, free exercise of will, property independence of participants, equivalent and paid nature, rise between economic entities in carrying out economic activities. Property relations in the joint-stock company are regulated by the following normative and legal acts: the Economic Code of Ukraine, the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine «On Joint Stock Companies» and others. Regulation of property relations in a joint-stock company by the Economic Code of Ukraine and the Civil Code of Ukraine predetermines the presence of a significant amount of legislative norms that constitute the complexity of the formulation of the concept of «property relations in a joint-stock company» because each normative act legal act defines the specified concept differently, forms different approaches to understanding the concept of «property relations». Corporate rights are the part of property relations of a joint-stock company, because they are primarily related to property rights. It is worth noting that this is a kind of exchange of property rights for property, a shareholder transfers his property rights to a certain object, and in return he gets shares that give him a package of property rights named as corporate rights.
Description: Туркот О.А., Рурак В.С. Щодо поняття й ознак майнових відносин в акціонерному товаристві / О.А. Туркот, В.С. Рурак // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія юридична. - Випуск 1. - 2018. - С. 88-96.
ISSN: 2311-8040
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