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Title: Професійна агресивність особистості: поняття, прояви, наслідки
Other Titles: Professional aggressiveness of personality: concept, displays, consequences
Authors: Козирєв, М.П.
Kozyriev, M.P.
Keywords: aгресiя
чинники прояву i зaпобiгaння aгресiї
професiйнa aгресивнiсть
factors of manifestation and resignation of aggression
professional aggression
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Психологічна;2
Abstract: Проaнaлiзовaно теоретико-приклaднi хaрaктеристики такого соцiaльно-психологiчного явищa, як агресія особистості. Розкрито поняття, природу, склaдовi, ознaки, види, сучасні форми і поведінкові прояви агресії: поширення негaтивних чуток, вiдмова вiд iнформaцiї, погрози, вербaльнi оцiнки, обрaзливi жести, «бруднi погляди». Наведено приклади агресивних проявiв у професiйнiй взaємодiї індивідів. Виявлено та охарактеризовано об’єктивні та суб’єктивні чинники, які перешкоджaють вияву професiйної aгресiї. It is exposed teoretiko-applied descriptions of the socialpsychological phenomenon as professional aggressiveness of personality. An aggressiveness is understood as a form of any conduct which is directed to on offense or damnification other living creature. Among its modern forms select such: ekstrapunitivnist’, search of target, acquittal, through an attack, just, projection of negative qualities, self-affirmation, by humiliation other, refined offense of human dignity, expressive forms of aggression. Agresiyu of tipologizuyut’ after such signs: after a subject is an individual, task force, association, nation, state, alliance of the states; after an awareness – conscious and irresponsible; after expression – opened, hidden, secret; after the spheres of activity – military, economic, informative, financial, psychological and others like that. Aggressive displays classify on the basis of three scales: physical-verbal, actively passive and un-direct aggression. Professional aggression appears as in the wide enough list of povedinkovikh displays of specialist, which intends to entail harm other persons with which he co-operates in the process of professional activity, so in quality in relation to integral aggressive povedinkovikh strategies which are used with that intention. To the most widespread povedinkovikh displays of professional aggression take: distribution of negative ears, refuse, from information, threats, verbal estimations, touchy gestures, «dirty looks». In quality it is possible to select in relation to integral aggressive povedinkovikh strategies: intimidation/persecution, abuse of control, «shallow tyranny», «vindictive revenge». To the substantial factors of aggressive displays in professional cooperation it is possible to take such processes: stresses, pressure and vagueness, considerable disorder of the personal persuasions and values of specialists, as a result of erosion of traditional values, presence of considerable possibility of choice growth of amount and complication of professional problems, permanent growth of competition, difficulty, and change of traditional hierarchical relations, increase of requirements, is to the effective and rational use of human resources. Consequences of display of the phenomenon of Professional aggressiveness are negative both at personality level for an aggressor and his «victim» and at organizational level for activity of establishment, labour collective. Such factors hinder the display of professional aggression: social (the negative public estimation of aggressive conduct is expressed but other); socialprofessional (possibility of punishment for aggression, amities, attachment, healthy morally psychological atmosphere and others like that); personally professional (moderation, tolerance, foresight, solved by mutual agreement, high self-control, professional organizational culture, and others like that.
Description: Козирєв М.П. Професійна агресивність особистості: поняття, прояви, наслідки / М.П. Козирєв // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія психологічна. - 2015. - Випуск 2. - С. 174-182.
ISSN: 2311-8458
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