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Title: Боротьба Івана Франка за соціально-правовий статус жінки в Україні
Other Titles: Fighting of Ivan Franko at social-legal status of women in Ukraine
Authors: Ряшко, О.В.
Riashko, O.V.
Keywords: боротьба
соціальний стан
social status
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Юридична;1
Abstract: Проаналізовано літературно-публіцистичну, а також громадсько-політичну діяльність великого сина українського народу І. Я. Франка, спрямовану на боротьбу за захист прав, свобод і особистого сімейного життя і щастя жінок. У своєму протистоянню з наявною політико-правовою системою І. Франко важливу роль відводив формуванню у народі високих патріотичних ідеалів і цінностей, кращих традицій, високої духовності, культури і моралі. Філософ і мислитель пов’язував їх із боротьбою за соціально-правовий стан жінки. The great son of the Ukrainian people Ivan Franko went down in history not only as a genius writer, poet, playwright, literary critic, publicist, ethnographer, but also As an ardent fighter for the rights and freedom of the Ukrainian people. The great revolutionary linked closely this problem with the social and legal status of the Ukrainian woman, her place and role in the social-political, economic and legal relations. In his struggle with the existing political-legal system Franko assigned an important role to the formation in his people of the high patriotic ideals and values, the best traditions, high spirituality, culture and moral. Philosopher and thinker, he linked those closely with the struggle for social and legal, spiritual-cultural status of women in the society and inthestate. Franko made tremendous efforts to disseminate feminist ideas among women. In his creative activity the thinker made emphasis on the necessity of liberation of the Ukrainian woman from bondage, establishment of relevant social and economic, political, cultural-educational conditions to involve women equally with men in the active cultural, public and political activity. Forming his program, Franko believed in the intellectuals who by their activity must awaken spiritual-patriotic life of the nation, and for this purpose, emphasizes the writer, first of all it is necessary to work hard creating spiritual, scientific-popular literary works aiming at the formation of national-patriotic awareness of the people, his readiness to lead active struggle for his social and national liberation. Franko pinned great hopes on the «women’s movement» where in the mobilizing force will be the talented, nationally conscientious, educated women. Franko was a zealous supporter and fighter who struggled to bring women actively «onto the public arena anywhere in literature… crafts or social-political and cultural-educational life». The scientist deeply believed in the young talented women of letters and women-publicists. In the philosopher’s opinion women-activists by their creative social-practical activity possess great potential and opportunity to exert influence on the world out look and conscience of women and ingeneral on the formation of public thought. With great joy Franko not only welcomed, but also supported readily those women, who were the first to step onto the road of literary, social-educational activity. as a philosopher, Franko deeply exposed the socio-economicreasons of bondage and rightlessness of women, showed the way to liberation. Franko was one of the first after T. Shevchenko to stand up as an ardent fighter for the social and political rights of the Ukrainian women.
Description: Ряшко О.В. Боротьба Івана Франка за соціально-правовий статус жінки в Україні / О. В. Ряшко, Л. О. Остапенко // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія юридична. - 2017. - Випуск 1. - С. 86-96.
ISSN: 2311-8040
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