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Title: Закон як основа забезпечення правомірності у сфері земельних правовідносин
Other Titles: The law as the basis of ensuring legitimacy in the field of land legal relations
Authors: Адам, В.М.
Adam, V.M.
Keywords: нормативно-правовий акт
земельне законодавство
земельні правовідносини
використання земельних ресурсів
охорона земельних ресурсів
контроль за використанням й охороною земельних ресурсів
normative and legal act
agrarian legislation
land legal relations
use of land resources
protection of land resources
control over the use and protection of land resources
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Юридична;1
Abstract: Досліджено Закон – гарант забезпечення правомірності – як основний із нормативно-правових актів у сфері земельних правовідносин. Проаналізовано поняття «нормативно-правовий акт», «закон», «земельне законодавство»; дійсний стан і перспективи подальшого розвитку останнього. Осмислено галузевий рівень проблеми, а саме: використання й охорону земельних ресурсів, а також контролю за цією діяльністю з боку органів державного управління та громадськості крізь призму закону. The article deals with the study of the law that is the guarantee of providing legitimacy and the basic normative and legal act in the field of land legal relations. The author carries out the theoretical and legal analysis of the concept of «normative and legal act», «law», «agrarian legislation»; examines the current state and prospects of the further development of the latter; investigates the branch level of the problem: the use and protection of land resources, as well as the control over this activity by public administration bodies and the public in the light of the law. Land legal relations always were the object of the increased scientific interest as a special subsector of civil, economic law. The institution of agrarian law is specific; it lies on the boundary of public and private law, compiles agricultural, ecological, water, maritime, air, forest law, etc. It is extremely difficult to ensure the legitimacy of the use and protection of land resources, as well as the effective control of land legal relations. Taking into consideration the significant property value, the objects of agrarian law are repeatedly subjected to wrong acts and they find themselves in the center of corruption schemes of public and private law parties. That is why the provision and guarantee of the principle of legitimacy in the field of land legal relations is the key to the national, economic and environmental security of the State. And it is possible to realize this by means of precise and steady implementation of positive law, the main source of which is the normative and legal act, namely – the law. The legal regime of the use and protection of land resources as a special kind of land legal relations should be carried out in accordance with a clear and strict compliance with the normative and legal acts of the agrarian legislation. The main role is given to the law, because it is a source of law issued by the highest legislative body – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In order to ensure the legitimacy in this area there are a number of state bodies and local self-government bodies, as well as social organizations and associations of citizens; their task is to control the use and protection of land resources in order to avoid wrong acts and abuse. The activity of such organizations is regulated by the agrarian legislation, which is not identical to the concept of agrarian law, and it is its essence, an internal content.
Description: Адам В.М. Закон як основа забезпечення правомірності у сфері земельних правовідносин / В. М. Адам // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія юридична. - 2017. - Випуск 1. - С. 120-127.
ISSN: 2311-8040
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