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Title: Політико-правова доктрина: теоретико-історичний аналіз
Other Titles: Political and legal doctrine: theoretical and historical analysis
Authors: Забзалюк, Д.Є.
Zabzaliuk, D.Ye.
Keywords: доктрина
політико-правова доктрина
political and legal doctrine
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Юридична;3
Abstract: Розкрито теоретичний аналіз юридичної природи політико-правової доктрини. Визначено головні ознаки, проаналізовано структуру та засадничі принципи політико-правової доктрини. Здійснено історичний аналіз політико- правових явищ та процесів як фундаменту становлення та розвитку політико-правових доктрин у конкретний історичний період. The theoretical analysis of legal nature of political and legal doctrine is exposed in the article. Certainly main signs, a structure and fundamental principles of political and legal doctrine is analyses. The historical analysis of the political and legal phenomena and processes is carried out, as to foundation of becoming and development of political and legal doctrines in a concrete historical period. Political and legal doctrine – it state and legal reality of epoch is the family shown in the system of concepts and categories. The table of contents of political and legal doctrine is it concept-category vehicle, theoretical decision of general issues of the state and right, detailed and finishing system of looks, based on categories which have fundamental principles exactly in this doctrine. Conformity to law of development of political and legal ideology at its theoretical level is that any studies about the state, right, built a politician taking into account modern him, would seem to political and legal reality which is necessarily represented in, to the abstract theoretical construction. Programmatic positions, which consist in forming of aims and tasks, inherent every political and legal doctrine, give it socially meaningful character, apply imprint on maintenance of it theoretical part and foresee the choice of methodological basis of doctrine. Ideological character of doctrine is most expressly and clear shown in programmatic positions; through them political and right studies are related to practice of political and ideological fight. Programmatic part of studies directly expresses interests and ideals of certain classes, layers, task forces, their relation, to the state and right.
Description: Забзалюк Д.Є. Політико-правова доктрина: теоретико-історичний аналіз / Д. Є. Забзалюк // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія юридична. - 2018. - Випуск 3. - С. 27-36.
ISSN: 2311-8040
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