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Title: Філософсько-правові погляди Лева Ребета
Other Titles: Philosophical and legal reviewa of the Lev Rebet
Authors: Павлусів, Н.М.
Pavlusiv, N.M.
Семенюк, І.Я.
Semeniuk, I.Ya.
Keywords: філософія права
правова свідомість
порівняльне правознавство
philosophy of law
legal consciousness
comparative law
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Науковий вісник Херсонського державного університету. Серія «Юридичні науки»
Series/Report no.: ;6
Abstract: Стаття присвячена висвітленню формування та становлення філософсько-правових поглядів відомого українського правника, науковця та політичного діяча Лева Ребета. Охоплено основні аспекти життя науковця. Акцентовано увагу на основних постатях та обставинах, які були дотичні до життя Лева Ребета. The article is devoted to the formation of the formation and formation of the philosophical and legal views of the famous Ukrainian lawyer, scientist and politician Lev Rebet. The article covers the main aspects of the life of the scientist, emphasizes the main features and circumstances that were tangent to Lion Rebet's life. Undoubtedly Lev Rebet was one of the most significant figures of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. He combined political activities with the scientific, being a professional lawyer (graduated from the Law Department of Lviv University). Of particular interest is the analysis of his scientific works: "Comparative method in the science of law", "State and nation," "Formation of the Ukrainian nation," and others. The scientific views of Lev Rebet at that time reflected the advanced achievements of European legal science. If we consider the Ukrainian nationalist movement from 20-50 years of the 20th century. from the point of view of the professional membership of its main representatives, it can be considered as the most "legal" without exaggeration. In his publications Lev Rebeth predicted the allocation of comparative law in a separate discipline of legal science, which brilliantly realized in the next decades. From the above, we conclude that the scientist supposed the synthesis of the future of comparative law and the philosophy of law as the ultimate goal and the completion of the entire legal science. The aforesaid certifies that the author adhered to natural-legal approaches as a metaphysical basis of comparative legal analysis. Dividing the disciplines "Philosophy of Law" and "Comparative Law" Lev Rebet gives a definition of the philosophy of law, which was further adhered to. In addition, in the evolution of European legal systems, Lev Rebet also adhered to the position of defining and significance of Roman law. The above gives grounds to assert that Lev Rebet, while developing the methodology of comparative law, always referred to the broader tasks of philosophical and legal synthesis, various conceptual approaches, schools that explained the nature and the kind of phenomenon of law.
Description: Павлусів Н.М. Філософсько-правові погляди Лева Ребета / Павлусів Н. М., Семенюк І. Я. // Науковий вісник Херсонського державного університету. - Серія «Юридичні науки». - 2018. - №6. - Т.1. - С.
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