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Title: Насильство у сім’ї як соціально-психологічна проблема
Other Titles: Domestic violence as social and psychological problem
Authors: Козирєв, М.П.
Kozyriev, M.P.
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1832-1975
Keywords: насильство
види домашнього насильства
фактори ризику
types of domestic violence
theory of violence
factors of risk
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Соціально-правові студії
Series/Report no.: ;3
Abstract: Розкрито поняття «домашнє насильство», види насильства (економічне, фізичне, сексуальне, психічне), типологію агресивних проявів за критерієм впливу мотиваційної складової та «неочевидні» насильницькі діяння; теорії, що пояснюють природу зневажливого ставлення та насильства, умови та чинники агресивності в сім’ї. Проаналізовано фактори ризику, обумовлені структурою сім’ї й моделлю спілкування, особистістю батьків і дитини. The notion "domestic violence" and types of violence: fnancial, physical, sexual, psychological are covered in the article. Typology of aggressive manifestations concerning criteria of influence of motivation component: impulsive, instrumental, violence for the sake of violence, aggressive drive, violence through emotional pressure, forced, violence as a manifestation of individual and group solidarity; and “non-obvious” violent deeds: pedagogical violence, sociolizational, informational, imposture, indifference as violence are analyzed. Theories, that explain the nature of domestic violence: situational, social changes, symbolic interaction, social and historic or socio-cultural, systematic and family, individual and psychological are characterized in the paper. The author shows the determinants of destructive conflict and violence: spiritual degradation, neglecting religious and universal values, crises of morality, condition of anomie, liberalization of sexual morality, patriarchal, authoritarian traditions, spreading of false gender stereotypes, gender inequality in society and others. Factors of risk, conditioned by the structure of family and communication model: incomplete and family with many children, stepfather in family or foster parents, problems between parents, passing of negative experience from elder generation to younger, parents, who were victims or witnessed violence are tendentious to act the same in communication with own children, emotional and physical isolation of family, conflict or violent relationship of a child and parents are also covered in the article. Psychology of parents’ personality: their psychological features, negative attitude to environment, low level of social skills, condition of psychological health as well as psychology of children: undesirable children, prematurely-born children with wounded or acquired mutilation, low intellect, health defection, etc. Domestic violence is a form of destructive social and psychological interaction that reflect its general trouble and violation in valuable and normative sphere of individuals.
Description: Козирєв М. П. Насильство у сім’ї як соціально-психологічна проблема / Козирєв Микола Петрович // Соціально-правові студії. - 2020. - Випуск 3 (9). - С. 202-207.
ISSN: 2617-4170
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