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dc.contributor.authorБутинська, Р.Я.-
dc.contributor.authorButynska, R.Ya.-
dc.descriptionБутинська Р.Я. Медіація у трудовому праві України: сучасний стан та перспективи розвитку / Р.Я. Бутинська // Часопис Київського університету права. - 2021. - № 3. - C. 146-150.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractУ статті розглянуто інститут медіації у трудовому праві України. Наголошено, що специфіка трудових відносин зумовлює певні особливості трудової медіації, зокрема: а) медіація переважно ініціюється роботодавцем; б) часто зовнішній юрист радить роботодавцеві вдатися до медіації для вирішення трудового спору; в) незважаючи на те, що роботодавець є сильною стороною трудових відносин, під час трудового спору (особливо пов’язаного зі звільненням працівника) баланс сил нерідко змінюється на користь працівника; г) конфіденційність, яку забезпечує медіація, часто є вирішальною для роботодавця; д) час, фінанси та інші ресурси є важливими чинниками, які враховує роботодавець. The article considers the institution of mediation in labor law of Ukraine. It is emphasized that the specifics of labor relations determine certain features of labor mediation, in particular: a) mediation is mainly initiated by the employer; b) an external lawyer often advises the employer to resort to mediation to resolve a labor dispute; c) despite the fact that the employer is a strong party to the employment relationship, during a labor dispute (especially if it is related to the dismissal of the employee) the balance of power often changes in favor of the employee; d) the confidentiality provided by mediation is often crucial for the employer; e) timing, financial and other resources are important factors considered by the employer. The features of mediation in the labor field are determined: 1) it is an outof-court procedure for resolving labor disputes using non-jurisdictional methods of protection of labor rights of an employee and employer, which aims to reconcile the parties and make them reach an agreed solution by compromise; 2) it is labor reconciliation with the help of a mediator, without the intervention of authorized state bodies. The parties to the conflict on their own determine who will be the mediator; 3) the institution of mediation provides for a negotiation process, the results of which reveal the interests and needs of the parties to the employment relationship, which is based not on their positions, but on their interests; 4) mediation ends with a voluntary agreement (based on mutual concessions) of the parties to the employment dispute. At the same time, the mediator cannot render a decision binding on the parties. It is concluded that the improvement of legislation is one of the key tasks of the government, this also applies to the field of labor relations. One of the important tasks, in our opinion, is to improve the conditions for the development of mediation practices and the integration of mediation as a significant legal and social institution in public life. Therefore, the implementation of mediation procedures for resolving individual labor disputes is a matter for the future. Major efforts are required to increase the social responsibility of business, raise the level of legal awareness and legal culture of individuals. In addition, labor legislation needs to be substantially amended, as disputes arising from employment relationships do not usually coincide with the concept of individual labor disputes.uk_UA
dc.publisherЧасопис Київського університету праваuk_UA
dc.subjectтрудове правоuk_UA
dc.subjectтрудові спориuk_UA
dc.subjectдосудове врегулювання споруuk_UA
dc.subjectмедіативні процедуриuk_UA
dc.subjectмедіативна угодаuk_UA
dc.subjectправа працівниківuk_UA
dc.subjectтрудове законодавствоuk_UA
dc.subjectlabor lawuk_UA
dc.subjectlabor disputesuk_UA
dc.subjectpre-trial dispute resolutionuk_UA
dc.subjectmediation proceduresuk_UA
dc.subjectmediation agreementuk_UA
dc.subjectemployees’ rightsuk_UA
dc.subjectlabor legislationuk_UA
dc.titleМедіація у трудовому праві України: сучасний стан та перспективи розвиткуuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeMediation in labor law of Ukraine: current state and prospects for developmentuk_UA
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