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Title: Конкурентна розвідка підприємств: курс лекцій
Other Titles: Competitive intelligence of enterprises: lecture course
Authors: Керницький, І.С.
Живко, З.Б.
Копитко, М.І.
Kernytskyi, I.S.
Zhyvko, Z.B.
Kopytko, M.I.
Keywords: економічна безпека
ринкова конкуренція
технологія виробничої продукції
розвідувальна робота в бізнесі
конкурентна розвідка
служба безпеки
economic security
market competition
technology of manufacturing products
intelligence work in business
competitive intelligence
security service
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Ліга-Прес
Abstract: Курс лекцій містить теоретичні матеріали з навчальної дисципліни “Конкурентна розвідка”. Для студентів, магістрів, слухачів та аспірантів економічних і юридичних спеціальностей вищих навчальних закладів. An important aspect of supporting Ukrainian economic security is the protection of its market position and opportunities acquired in the field of economic competition. The country's security is based on the security of its structural components, in particular on the safety of its business entities. Such definition can be regarded as an economic axiom. However, the economic interests of the state and its structural components do not always coincide, this fact is confirmed with the reaction of market competition to the state's economy generally and the activity of a particular enterprise in particular. For a socially-oriented economy of a state, competition is the engine of its progress, development and improvement; therefore for the interests of the state, there is a need to protect it with all possible means. From the point of view of an individual company, competition is a significant challenge and a struggle for keeping up the business. Ukraine officially received the status of a market economy country. The world acknowledged that the transformation of the economic basis took place in Ukraine. Private property was the dominant form of ownership, enterprises and organizations received the freedom of entrepreneurship and independence in contrast to the time of the administrative-command system and regarding the crucial issues: 1) what to produce? 2) how to produce? 3) for what to produce? And this is all in the conditions of such inherent attributes of the market as competition and risk. Correct answers to these questions are necessary conditions for enterprise development and its economic security. The answer to the third question is dominant. The problem of sales becomes a decisive problem in the background of assortment and the technology of manufacturing products and absorbs the first problem: what to produce? Undoubtedly, today it is necessary to produce what can be sold, it means something, which will be demanded in the market of goods and services. If the products of the company do not turn into goods, they are not sold in market, there is a break in the turnover of individual capital, its commodity functional form does not turn into money, there comes a critical financial situation, and eventually - bankruptcy. The issue of sales becomes the most important component of the problem at company's economic security, the problem of its protection from internal and external threats. The main danger on the way to solving this problem lies in the presence of competition, which is an objective attribute of the market, which can not be rid of even by monopolization. Recently, issues of the use of intelligence capabilities have been discussed more often in terms of ensuring business activities success of Ukrainian entrepreneurs. It must be admitted that this topic is not new at all. Specialized literature, mostly from the West, is devoted to individual aspects of intelligence work in business, occasionally appearing on store shelves. Domestic scientists also pay attention to the study of this problem. Reconnaissance is studied under many names: competitive intelligence. The classification of competitive intelligence functions into the competence of the security service is legitimate when the competitor attempts to forcibly suppress the company, consisting of criminal encroachments on the property, life and health of the staff of the enterprise and it is erroneous when comes to the competitive effect or standard competitive struggle with non-criminal methods. In the last one, actions that are likely to present a significant threat to the company are not within the competence of the security services and remain outside the scope of its vision. Therefore, the study of competitive intelligence, the mechanisms of its implementation are relevant and important at all levels of the state, enterprises and individuals.
Description: Керницький І.С. Конкурентна розвідка підприємств: курс лекцій / І.С. Керницький, З.Б. Живко, М.І. Копитко. – Львів: Ліга-Прес, 2015. – 388 с.
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