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2019Lexical and semantic transformations applied in the Ray Bradbury’s short storiesРоманюк, О.М.; Romaniuk, O.M.
2020«Living book» as psychological and pedagogical technology of orphans upbringingШиделко, А.В.; Shydelko, A.V.; Кузьо, Л.І.; Kuzo, L.I.
2020Logistics as a supply tool ecological and economic security of the stateГобела, В.В.; Hobela, V.V.; ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7438-2329
2018Macroeconomic risks: classified features, methods of measurement, mitigation patternsАндрушко, Я.С.; Andrushko, Ya.S.; Ілюшик, О.М.; Iliushyk, O.M.; ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1741-8625; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4619-5785
2019Management of counteracting the invasive crops' spread in the Ukrainian economy agrarian sector security systemРевак, І.О.; Revak, I.O.
2019Marketing innovations as a particular composition of the process of management of innovative activities and competitiveness of enterprises: safe aspects / Security of the XXI Century: national and geopolitical Aspects: Collective monographКопитко, М.І.; Kopytko, M.I.; Живко, З.Б.; Zhyvko, Z.B.; Леськів, Г.З.; Leskiv, H.Z.
2019Marketing Tools for Improving Enterprise Performance in the Context of Social and Economic Security of the State: Innovative Approaches to AssessmentКвілінський, О.; Kwilinski, A.; Пайонк, К.; Pajak, K.; Васильчак, С.В.; Vasylchak, S.V.; Пушак, Я.Я.; Pushak, Ya.Ya.; Кужьор, П.; Kuzior, P.
2019Mechanism of legal regulation of fight against cybercrime in UkraineСеркевич, І.Р.; Serkevych, I.R.; Євхутич, І.М.; Yevkhutych, I.M.; Газдайка-Василишин, І.Б.; Hazdaika-Vasylyshyn, I.B.; Созанський, Т.І.; Sozanskyi, T.I.; Пасєка, О.Ф.; Pasieka, O.F.
2020Mechanism of state economic security management in the direction of intellectual property rights protection: cases of selected industriesБаранов, О.; Baranov, O.; Кучер, В.О.; Kucher, V.O.; Устименко, О.; Ustymenko, O.; Уткіна, М.; Utkina, M.; Грибачова, І.; Hrybachova, I.
2019Methodological aspects of economic security management of the enterprise / Security of the XXI Century: Globalization Challenges: MonographЖивко, З.Б.; Zhyvko, Z.B.; Подра, О.П.; Podra, O.P.; Кухарська, Л.; Kukharska, L.
2019Methodological Support of Institutional Basis of Economic SecurityМойсеєнко, І.П.; Moiseienko, I.P.
2018Modeling of control stability of communication channels in development management conditionsПушак, Я.Я.; Pushak, Ya.Ya.; ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1369-8770
2020Models of legal regulation of spousal separate residence regime in the countries of the European Union and UkraineВерба-Сидор, О.Б.; Verba-Sydor, O.B.; Воробель, У.Б.; Vorobel, U.B.; Дутко, А.О.; Dutko, A.O.; Грабар, Н.М.; Hrabar, N.M.; ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9254-9575; ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0480-5394; ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5622-1046; ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5533-6765
2018Modern approaches to teaching professional communication to law enforcement studentsBondarenko, V.A.; Бондаренко, В.А.; Kuzo, L.I.; Кузьо, Л.І.
2019Modern challenges to engagement an expert in criminal proceedings on economic crimes in UkraineГловюк, І.В.; Hloviuk, I.V.; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5685-3702
2016Modern cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF: dynamics, trends and problemsМиськів, Г.В.; Myskiv, H.V.
2012Monitoring parameters of the level of ekonomic security of UkraineМойсеєнко, І.П.; Moiseienko, I.P.; Ривак, Н.О.; Ryvak, N.O.
Кузьо Science and Education.pdf.jpg2017Motivational characteristics of temporal perspective of english learners majoring in different specialtiesКузьо, Л.І.; Kuzo, L.I.
2020Multinational banking in the times of coronavirus outbreak: trends and challengesЗапотічна, Р.А.; Zapotichna, R.A.
15olswsr.pdf.jpg2015Młodzi Polacy i Ukraińcy wobec społeczeństwa ryzykaОрищин, Л.С.; Oryshchyn, L.S.