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15rlpvb.pdf.jpg2015A cross-cultural study on interplay between subjective well-being and personality values' becomingРоманюк, Л.В.; Romaniuk, L.V.
2018A formation of civil-military cooperation during a settlement of the armed conflict in the south-east of Ukraine (Scopus)Хитра, О.Л.; Khytra, O.L.; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3632-5101
bondarenko-kelm.pdf.jpg2019Abstracting of foreign language texts as a means of information processingБондаренко, В.А.; Bondarenko, V.A.
2017Administrative and legal form of subordinate interaction between local state administrations and local self-government bodiesСидор, М.Я.; Sydor, M.Ya.
2020Administrative and legal mechanism of information security in Ukraine (Scopus)Грищук, В.К.; Hryshchuk, V.K.; Грищук, О.; Hryshchuk, O.; Федіна, Н.В.; Fedina, N.V.; Парасюк, В.М.; Parasiuk, V.M.; Батюк, О.В.; Batiuk, O.V.
Бондаренко збірник статей. VISEGRAG JOURNAL-18-23.pdf.jpg2017Administrative and legal regulation of the transfer of confidential information within the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineБондаренко, В.А.; Bondarenko, V.A.; Єсімов, С.С.; Yesimov, S.S.
2018Algorithm for selecting the winning strategies in the processes of managing the state of the system "supplier – consumer" in the presence of aggressive competitor (Scopus)Балинська, О.М.; Balynska, O.M.; Доміна, О.; Domina, O.; Лунін, Д.; Lunin, D.; Михайлова, Л.; Mikhailova, L.; Нісходовська, О.; Niskhodovska, O.; Барабаш, О.; Пайда, Я.; Barabash, O.; Paida, Y.
2020Alternative methods of teaching foreign languages at higher education establishments with specific training conditionsЗапотічна, Р.А.; Zapotichna, R.A.; Романюк, О.М.; Romaniuk, O.M.
2019An entrepreneurship model of assessing the investment attractiveness of regions (Scopus)Пушак, Я.Я.; Pushak, Ya.Ya.
2019Analisys of Creative Industries Activities in Europеan Union CountriesМойсеєнко, І.П.; Moiseienko, I.P.
2017Analysis of tax burden parameters of Ukraine's economyMoiseienko, I.P.; Мойсеєнко, І.П.
2018Assessing the financial security of the engineering enterprises as preconditions of application of anti-crisis management: practical aspect (Scopus)Огірко, О.І.; Ohirko, O.I.
Бойко, Головач, Сковронська Бізнес комунік.pdf.jpg2015Business communication: навчальний посібникБойко, О.Т.; Головач, Т.М.; Сковронська, І.Ю.; Boiko, O.T.; Holovach, T.M.; Skovronska, I.Yu.
2019Certain Aspects of the International Legal Obligations of Ukraine on the Bar’s Organization and ActivityЗаяць, О.С.; Zaiats, O.S.
2021Cognitive Behavioral Model of Generalized Anxiety Disorder Psychotherapy (Web of Science)Кузьо, О.Б.; Kuzo, O.B.; Посохова, А.В.; Posokhova, A.V.; Кузьо, Л.І.; Kuzo, L.I.
2019Communication of the right and Christian religion. How to realize rights and freedom humans and citizens?Бліхар, В.С.; Blikhar, V.S.; ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7545-9009
2019Comparative analysis of the legislative standards of examination by the criminal procedure code of Ukraine and the Russian Federation (Web of Science)Кунтій, А.І.; Kuntii, A.I.; Благута, Р.І.; Blahuta, R.I.; Авраменко, О.В.; Avramenko, O.V.
2018Compulsory termination of legal entities: Civil legal and criminal issues (Scopus)Юркевич, Ю.М.; Yurkevych, Yu.M.; Красницький, І.В.; Krasnytskyi, I.V.; Вовк, І.В.; Vovk, I.V.; Авраменко, О.В.; Avramenko, O.V.; Парасюк, Н.М.; Parasiuk, N.M.
2018Constructing an Automation System to Implement Intelligence-Led Policing Into the National Police of Ukraine (Scopus)Мовчан, А.В.; Movchan, A.V.; Тарануха, В.Ю.; Taranukha, V.Yu.
2019Contemporary issues in multinational banking: an overviewЗапотічна, Р.А.; Zapotichna, R.A.