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Title: Автоматизація документообігу окремих аспектів взаємодії слідчого та прокурора під час досудового розслідування
Other Titles: Automation of document circulation of certain aspects of the interaction between the investigator and the prosecutor during the pre-trial investigation
Authors: Ангеленюк, А.-М.Ю.
Anheleniuk, A.-M.Yu.
Keywords: автоматизована система документообігу
єдиний реєстр досудових розслідувань
процесуальне керівництво
аutomated system of circulation of documents
unified register of pretrial investigations
procedural guidance
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Юридична;1
Abstract: Розглянуто деякі аспекти взаємодії слідчого та прокурора як процесуального керівника у кримінальному провадженні. Запропоновано впровадити автоматизовану систему документообігу під час провадження досудового розслідування. Наведено поняття, завдання та мету автоматизованої системи, а також переваги її функціонування в процесі ведення документообігу під час взаємодії слідчого та прокурора. Some aspects of interaction between the investigator and the prosecutor as a procedural head in criminal proceedings, analysed by the example of their activity during the presentation of a suspect to а person and election of a measure of restraint to a suspected person have been studied. The attention has been drawn to the need to respect the principle of efficiency during these proceedings. It has been considered that with the adoption of the criminal procedure code in 2012 and implementation of the Institute of the procedural management, the powers of the prosecutor during pre-trial investigation has expanded considerably, including the field of its interaction with the investigator. The legislation of foreign countries where the practice of application of modern technologies of circulation of documents takes place in the criminal process and is used to facilitate the work with documents, and during the actual application of criminal proceedings has been examined. It is proposed to implement an automated system of circulation of documents during the implementation of the pre-trial investigation that will help to solve the problematic issues associated with the process of an interaction between the investigator and the prosecutor in criminal proceedings, which should be officially implemented at the legislative level, and its usage should be fixed in the norms of the criminal procedure code. The attention of the circulation of documents has been drawn due to the need of saving time of both an investigator and a prosecutor as the procedural head that under modern conditions of labour is particularly relevant. The concepts, objectives and purpose of the automated system and the advantages of its functioning considering optimizing the spent time have been given. The possibility of the existence of an automated system of circulation of documents within both of the system of the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations already entered into force and separately out of it, which depends on economic feasibility and technical capabilities.
Description: Ангеленюк А.-М. Ю. Автоматизація документообігу окремих аспектів взаємодії слідчого та прокурора під час досудового розслідування / А.-М. Ю. Ангеленюк // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія юридична. - 2017. - Випуск 1. - С. 244-253.
ISSN: 2311-8040
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