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Title: Issues of Legal Guarantee Security upon Entry into Employment under the Labor Code Draft of Ukraine
Other Titles: Питання забезпечення законної гарантії при вступі на роботу згідно з проектом Закону про працю України
Authors: Руданецька, О.С.
Rudanetska, O.S.
Keywords: гарантії права на працю
трудові правовідносини
юридичні гарантії
правовий захист
guarantees of the right to labor
employer-employee relations
legal guarantees
legal protection
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Журнал східноєвропейського права
Series/Report no.: ;59
Abstract: Гарантії права на працю при виникненні трудових правовідносин захищають особу, яка шукає роботу від необгрунтованої та незаконної відмови в прийнятті на роботу. У разі порушення цієї гарантії особі гарантується право на правовий захист. У статті визначаються правові проблеми забезпечення юридичних гарантій при прийомі на роботу за проектом Трудового кодексу України. Guarantees of the right to labor in the event of employer-employee relations protect a person that seeks employment from groundless and illegal refusal to hire. In the event that this guarantee is violated, the person is guaranteed the right to legal protection. With intent to strengthen the legal guarantee, namely: legal protection against unjustified refusal to hire, consider it necessary to develop procedural guarantees that will help to realize the right to work. This category of cases must be resolved by courts of general jurisdiction because, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, a citizen has the right to apply to a court in case of violation of his/her right or freedom. It is expedient to provide in the Labor Code of Ukraine an indicative list of requirements regarding the business and professional qualities of employees, as well as ways of their assessment. The legal regulation of the discrimination prohibition is carried out by a large number of international legal documents, as well as by national legislation. The article substantiates that determination of the ‘discrimination in the workplace’ concept should be accompanied by an exhaustive list of features that should be considered discriminatory, which excludes the possibility of unreasonably broad interpretation of the concept. An unreasonable refusal should be understood as a refusal upon the availability of a vacant place for motives that are not related to the business qualities of the applicant. It is proposed in terms of legislation entrench an obligation, which requires the employer to inform by paper form the reasons for refusal to hire.
Description: Rudanetska O. Issues of Legal Guarantee Security upon Entry into Employment under the Labor Code Draft of Ukraine / Oksana Rudanetska // Журнал східноєвропейського права. - 2019. - № 59. - С.6-10.
ISSN: 2409-6415
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