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Title: Удосконалення управління підприємствами громадського харчування: автореферат
Other Titles: Improvement of managing the public catering enterprises
Authors: Сватюк, О.Р.
Svatiuk, O.R.
Keywords: організаційно-економічні основи
працівники управління
механізм управління
функції та методи управління
підприємство громадського харчування
організаційна форма і структура
organizational-economic bases
commodity circulation
man-agement workers
managing mechanism
managing methods and functions
public catering enterprise
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: НУ "Львівська політехніка"
Abstract: Дисертація присвячена комплексному дослідженню теоретичних проблем і практики управління підприємствами громадського харчування. Містить нові узагальнення і нові методологічні підходи щодо створення і функціонування системи управління виробничо-торговельною та обслуговуючою діяльністю підприємств громадського харчування. У дисертаційному дослідженні вперше вказано місце і роль в ринковому середовищі галузі громадського харчування в національній економіці України. Обґрунтовано механізм управління підприємствами громадського харчування, його внутрішні та зовнішні складники. Запропоновано організаційну структуру об’єднання підприємств громадського харчування, якісний та кількісний склад працівників управління, форму посадової інструкції. Побудована графічна модель функціонування підприємства, на якій базується економіко-математичне моделювання виробничо-господарських процесів його діяльності. Розроблена методика економічної доцільності функціонування підприємства громадського харчування. The work proves the actuality of the theme, its connection with the state programs of re-forming of economics and with scientific themes of Lviv Commercial Academy and Ukrai-nian Cooperative Union. The main aim and purposes of the investigation, as well as scientific novelty and practical importance of the results have been formulated. The work also gives the information about the approbation and publishing of the main principles of the thesis. For the first time the place of the public catering branch in the national economics has been identified in the market environment, and the process of switching to the international system of classification of economic activities types has been given the start to. The part of the gross social product, created in the public catering, which is calculated by the author’s me-thods, amounts to 1% . The thesis substantiates the social-economic essence of the enterprise activity; special features of the managing system of public catering enterprises and its fea-tures, which are different from the managing systems of enterprises of other branches; the problems of their development in the system of consuming cooperation, which allows identi-fying the system of activities for stabilization of the economic status of enterprises. The method approach to the new typological classification of the subjects of manage-ment in the branch of public catering regardless of the property forms has been improved. They are classified according to following features: a) the range of assortment and charac-ter of services, which is realized; b) the amount of extra charge and trade addition; c) the main customers’ batch; d) the location of the object, depending on the market factors and local social-economic policy; e) the availability of the enterprise system. The concept of a category “managing mechanism” has been substantiated for the first time. The work also identifies the main vectors of its reduction in a market-oriented envi-ronment (improvement of organizational forms and structures of managing the public ca-tering enterprises; using new forms of work and production organization; increasing of the production assortment and services). Application of the mechanism of managing public catering enterprises of consuming cooperation has been suggested for the first time. The mechanism consists of inner elements (aim, principles of managing, managing functions and methods, informational and personnel provision) and outer elements (state legislative and nominative regulation of productive-managing activity, market levers of trade and service regulation). The author’s view of modern public catering enterprises managing is laid out in a modern context. In the process of investigation the author offers a new theoretical substantiation of the essence and systematic interconnection of the following concepts: “managing unit”, “enterprise” and “enterprise consolidation” according to the specific features of their functioning in the system of the consuming cooperation of Ukraine. The new economic-organizational analysis of the consuming cooperation system has been made: the objective evaluation of the dynamics of general amount of public catering commodity circulation and of the own production output level has been made; the reasons and factors of decreasing of these indices in 22 regional consuming unions and Crimea consuming union have been identified; the current and prospective reserves of increasing of productive-trade activity and customers service as well as intensification of social purpose of enterprise functioning have ben revealed. As a result of the investigation held on the 164 public catering enterprises of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regional consuming unions, the following notions have acquired the in-dependent practical meaning: the suggested organizational structure of public catering en-terprises consolidation; methods of calculating the rational number of management workers and their distribution for the posts; methods of concretization of working responsibilities; the form of the post instruction that would allow making the usage of working resources more economical and the work – more productive. The complex of economic-mathematical models of managing the productive-managing processes in public catering enterprises in the context of current social-economic conditions has been elaborated and suggested from the modern point of view (a two-level model of functioning of enterprises as parts of an organization; modeling of material stimulating and coor-dinating of workers’ interests and the evaluation of economic expediency of functioning of enterprises). This would allow increasing of quick reaction and economic effectiveness of processes of goods’ production management, its realization and customers’ service.
Description: Сватюк О.Р. Удосконалення управління підприємствами громадського харчування: автореферат дисертації на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата економічних наук за спеціальністю 08.06.01. – економіка, організація і управління підприємствами / Сватюк Оксана Робертівна. - Львів: Національний університет “Львівська політехніка”, 2002. - 23 с.
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