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Title: Мораль в економіці і корупція
Other Titles: Morality in the economy and corruption
Authors: Аніловська, Г.Я.
Козій, І.С.
Anilovska, H.Ya.
Kozii, I.S.
Keywords: morality
index of corruption perception
index of bribery
індекс сприйняття корупції
індекс хабарництва
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Економічна;2
Abstract: Обґрунтовано, що сучасний етап розвитку економічних відносин в Україні характеризується багатьма негативними явищами, зокрема руйнуванням накопичених століттями уявлень про моральні якості людини. Доведено, що проблема забезпечення ефективної протидії негативним явищам, особливо корупції, має вирішуватись не лише на законодавчому рівні, а й на рівні свідомості і моралі людини. Ідентифіковано владу як одне з основних понять у формуванні моральної економіки. Проаналізовано стан корупції в Україні, який засвідчує, що загальний рівень її є надвисоким. Продемонстровано позитивну динаміку індексу сприйняття корупції в Україні завдяки зростанню суспільного осуду корупціонерів та створенню антикорупційних органів. It is substantiated that the current stage of development of economic relations in Ukraine is characterized by many negative phenomena, which can not always be regulated by the legislation, but have a significant impact on the standard of living in the country. These phenomena include: the destruction of centuries-old beliefs about the moral qualities of man; formation of respect for people depending on money and position, but not from actions; the blurriness of the meaning of life in many people and, as a consequence, a misunderstanding of a single national idea. It is proved that the problem of providing effective counteraction to negative phenomena of corruption should be solved not only at the legislative level, but also at the level of human consciousness and morals. Non-compliance with the moral principles of the economy, common to all the moral principles of social development, is the root cause of economic failures, including the existence of such a phenomenon as corruption. It is determined that one of the main concepts in the formation of the moral economy is the notion of power, since people who have power positions depend on the economic relations in which we are and their change. The main essential characteristic of power is the power that some people have in relation to others. The combination in the nature of good and evil man began to lead to the fact that in addition or instead of strengthening the authority of the authorities, they try to keep it with the help of fear of punishment, physical strength and money. Understanding that corruption is an evil that takes away the welfare of millions of people has helped identify specific mechanisms for fighting corruption. It has been determined that Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (Corruption Perception Index) and the Bribery Index (BIS) use corruption indicators for a certain quantitative profile of such criminal activity as corruption. Both indices are composite. The analysis of the level of corruption in Ukraine shows that the overall level of corruption in Ukraine is quite high. The positive dynamics of the corruption perception index in Ukraine succeeded in increasing the public condemnation of corrupt officials and the creation of anti-corruption bodies. It is determined that in Ukraine there is a decrease in public morality and general integrity, which results from the manifestation of corruption, the scale of corruption financial flows in terms of economic development of the country; suppression of private initiative in the economy; Reducing the quality of public services; a negative for the political legitimacy of the authorities.
Description: Аніловська Г.Я. Мораль в економіці і корупція / Г.Я. Аніловська, І.С. Козій // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія економічна. - 2017. - Випуск 2. - С. 3-12.
ISSN: 2311-844X
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