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Title: Убезпечення підприємств високотехнологічного сектору економіки: інформаційні аспекти співпраці органів внутрішніх справ і служб безпеки ПВТСЕ
Other Titles: Securing of highly technological economic sector: informational aspects of cooperation between police and security services HTES
Authors: Живко, З.Б.
Сліпа, О.З.
Zhyvko, Z.B.
Slipa, O.Z.
Keywords: інформаційні системи
підприємства високотехнологічного сектору економіки
органи внутрішніх справ
високі технології
захист інформації
спільні заходи
information systems
enterprises of highly technological economic sector
advanced technologies
information security
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Економічна;1
Abstract: Досліджено площини формування інформаційних систем органів внутрішніх справ і підприємств високотехнологічного сектору економіки (ПВТСЕ), проаналізовано їх завдання та чинники, які впливають на убезпечення інформаційних систем. Зазначено основні заходи впровадження інформаційних систем на підприємствах ВТСЕ та визначено загрози економічній безпеці ПВТСЕ. Запропоновано оптимальні шляхи вирішення завдань сучасного інформаційного забезпечення ПВТСЕ.The article covers the research of key aspects of information systems creation in highly technological economic sector (HTES), the analysis of their tasks and causes that influence information systems safety, the measures to implement information systems at the enterprises of highly technological economic sector. It has been noted that there is a threat for economic safety at the enterprises of HTES. The most appropriate ways to fulfill the tasks of modern information supply have been determined. The key objective of information supply system for internal affairs bodies of Ukraine is a complex information support of internal affairs bodies in crackdown on crimes based on the set of organizational, legal, technical, policy and other measures. The formation of general and branch information subsystems as the ground for information supply system is accompanied by the principles of functional purpose, legal support, data accuracy, efficiency of application and exploitation, development. The conclusions based on the analysis of information systems of the HTES enterprises are following: 1) Firstly, the information available at the enterprises of HTES allows to draw the perspectives of changing the production output in the enterprises, to conclude about key areas of main branches (departments) work, rational division and application of responsibilities and measures in security service of the enterprises and their branches, the ways to correct forms and methods of their work; 2) Secondly, it has been determined that information supply at the HTES enterprises includes the organic functional unity concerning the content, amount and quality of information, necessary for management, the measures to be taken in order to collect, systematize, accumulate and process this information applying various methods and equipment; 3) Thirdly, informational supply system at the HTES enterprises plays an important role in the effectiveness of security service, human resources department, analytical department, inner audit and control department. Information supply system provides informational support of production and financial activity of the HTES enterprises, gives statistical, analytical and reference information; 4) Fourthly, we come to conclusion that the application of IT in the HTES enterprises is not perfect, still in process of development, though the recent positive changes and the outlined perspectives will assist to overcome the obstacles in information supply of the HTES enterprises and increase the effectiveness of the business entities safety in highly technological economic sector.
Description: Живко З.Б. Убезпечення підприємств високотехнологічного сектору економіки: інформаційні аспекти співпраці органів внутрішніх справ і служб безпеки ПВТСЕ / З.Б. Живко, О.З. Сліпа // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія економічна. - 2015. - Випуск 1. - С. 89-98.
ISSN: 2311-844X
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