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Title: Визначення впливу тіньової економіки на сфери національної безпеки України та підприємництво шляхом використання методу експертного оцінювання
Other Titles: Determining the impact of the shadow economy in Ukraine national security sector and enterprise by using the method of expert evaluation
Authors: Копитко, М.І.
Kopytko, M.I.
Keywords: тіньова економіка
національна безпека
експертне опитування
shadow economy
national security
expert survey
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: ЛьвДУВС
Series/Report no.: Економічна;2
Abstract: Досліджено проблему впливу тіньової економіки на сфери національної безпеки України шляхом використання методу експертного опитування. Здійснено кластеризацію видів впливу тіньової економіки на складові національної безпеки України та визначено види впливу тіньової економіки, які демонструють найбільший ступінь негативних наслідків для сфери національної безпеки України. Because the vast majority of scholars considers only the impact of the shadow economy on the economy and social sphere of national security, its significant impact on other components of national security is mostly ignored. Expert performed a detailed assessment of impact, which allowed comprehensively analyze the impact of different types of informal sector, with the author’s approach is somewhat different from the conventional, because we separate the cultural and mental component of national security and political component. Study resulted in clustering 26 facts of impact of the shadow economy on Ukraine’s national security components (economic, social, political, scientific, technical, demographic, ecological and natural, military, informational, cultural and mental) and identified impacts of the shadow economy, which show greatest degree of negative effects on Ukraine’s national security. Clustering returned 2 clusters in terms of influence. The first with small-impact of influence which includes such manifestations of the shadow economy as deformation of market institutions, pseudo-market economy, the loss of trust between government and business entities, the loss of trust between market players, increase transaction costs, deterioration in the quality of government regulation, high level of investment risk, reducing investment resources, loss of revenue, increasingly uneven tax burden, possibility of monopolization of the economy due to lower prices of output in evading taxes, the rising cost of production as deliberately increased cost increases the expenditure, inefficient use of resources by enterprises in the manufacturing process, an unjustified increase in the energy consumption of production, under-funding of public institutions of economic regulation (regulatory, law enforcement) under the urgent need to protect the legitimate interests of economic relations. The second level of influence which is considerably higher – lower quality labor force, displacement legal workers from the scope of socially useful labor, the loss of moral compass, deformation cultural space, a loss of monetary independence, the outflow of capital from the state and consequently depletion of national economy, official information distortion about realities of the economy, unfair and non-transparent distribution of national income, inability of rapid integration of Ukraine into the global community, the loss of position in the international arena, the destruction of the balance of price and ability to pay of different categories of consumers, recession, underfunding of social programs, cuts in public costs slows economic restructuring, exacerbating environmental problems, put manufacturing enterprises in a difficult economic situation, where allocated the high-tech and highly skilled employees, increasing the number of economic crimes, provokes the development of organized crime.
Description: Копитко М.І. Визначення впливу тіньової економіки на сфери національної безпеки України та підприємництво шляхом використання методу експертного оцінювання / М.І. Копитко, В.В. Бабенко // Науковий вісник Львівського державного університету внутрішніх справ. Серія економічна. - 2014. - Випуск 2. - С. 49-59.
ISSN: 2311-844X
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