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Title: Практика Європейського суду з прав людини у справах проти України як чинник можливого удосконалення законодавчих правозахисних гарантій (за результатами юридико-статистичного дослідження)
Other Titles: European Court of Human Rights in cases against Ukraine as a possible factor in the improvement of legal guarantees of human rights (according to the legal and statistical research)
Authors: Гарасимів, О.І.
Harasymiv, O.I.
Keywords: Європейська конвенція про захист прав людини і основоположних свобод
Європейський суд з прав людини
законодавчі правозахисні гарантії
законодавчі дефекти
European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
European Court on Human Rights
legislative human rights guarantees
legal defects
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Вісник львівського університету
Series/Report no.: Юридична;51
Abstract: Вперше в українській науковій юридичній літературі представлено результати статистичного дослідження рішень Європейського суду з прав людини стосовно України, ухвалених протягом 2008-2013 років, в яких причиною порушення конвенційних прав людини визнано відсутність або недостатню ефективність законодавчих правозахисних гарантій. Зокрема наведено інформацію про питому вагу таких рішень у загальній кількості рішень, ухвалених Європейським судом з прав людини у зазначений період, та види конвенційних прав, порушення яких констатовано у досліджених рішеннях. The paper presents the results of a statistical research of the European Court of Human Rights decisions in cases against Ukraine approved during 2008 – 2012 years in which the absence or lack of legal guarantees of human rights effectiveness has been acknowledged as the cause of conventional rights violation at first in the domestic scientific legal literature. In particular, information about the proportion of such decisions in the total number of decisions taken by the European Court of Human Rights in the period, and the types of treaty rights violations are stated in the investigated solutions has been given. In this article there are analyzed the possibilities to the decisions of the European Court on Human Rights against Ukraine, in which it points out that certain disadvantages national legislation have been the reason for violations of Conventional rights, have influence on national legal system. The classification of such decisions on the following three criteria: content of the Conventional rights that have to be provided with effective legal norms; these types of flaws; verbal form of ECHR conclusions’ expression about the shortcomings of legal safeguards treaty rights. It is concluded that such ECHR rulings can be considered fully met if Ukraine not only paid fair compensation to the applicant, but also eliminated the mentioned legal defects. The abovementioned results we committed by legal and statistical analysis of ECHR judgments, which were noted legal causes of Conventional rights’ and freedoms in Ukraine violations can serve as a meaningful guidelines to improve the efficiency of legal means to ensure and protect the rights and freedoms of human and citizen in Ukraine. In particular, special attention should probably be paid to the elimination of gaps in the legislative inurement of human that are directly pointed by ECHR in its decisions. For more complete and concrete results of the research and its practical significance improvement, advisable to identify the proportion of those with these deficiencies ECHR Ukrainian legislation, which, after the entry into force of the relevant decisions of the ECHR were somehow resolved through the mediation of legislative activity. And the last one statement. In clarifying the status of the ECHR judgments, which are his comments on the shortcomings of national legislation as causes of violations of Convention rights, should certainly examine whether the state eliminated the following disadvantages. As long as this is not done, the relevant decision of the ECHR to be completely satisfied unlikely to be justified. So important proposals subject expertise with the Convention and the ECHR practice not only certain projects of legal acts, and even draft laws of Ukraine.
Description: Гарасимів О. Практика Європейського суду з прав людини у справах проти України як чинник можливого удосконалення законодавчих правозахисних гарантій (за результатами юридико-статистичного дослідження) / О. Гарасимів // Вісник Львівського університету. - Серія: юридична. - 2015. - Випуск 61. - С. 10-15.
ISSN: 0136-8168
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