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2019General Characteristics of Guarantees of Journalists Rights in UkraineХитра, О.Л.; Khytra, O.L.; Шишко, В.В.; Shyshko, V.V.
2018Genesis and evolution of the institution of notary oath on the territory of UkraineДолинська, М.С.; Dolynska, M.S.
2018Harmful damage of enhanced danger: economic and legal aspectsХитра, О.Л.; Khytra, O.L.; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3632-5101
2019Historical and legal analysis of development of administrative responsibility for unauthorized occupation of a land plotЗабзалюк, Д.Є.; Zabzaliuk, D.Ye.
2016Indirect taxes in the mechanism of state regulationMoiseienko, I.P.; Мойсеєнко, І.П.
2019Information as a Means of Conducting of Modern Hybrid WarsБалинська, О.М.; Balynska, O.M.; Благута, Р.І.; Blahuta, R.I.; Живко, З.Б.; Zhyvko, Z.B.; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0168-143X; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8087-5995; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4045-669X
2020Information security and economic crime: problems and solutions / Security management of the XXI century: national and geopolitical aspects. Issue 2: collective monographЖивко, З.Б.; Zhyvko, Z.B.; Руда, О.І.; Ruda, O.I.; Кухарська, Л.; Kukharska, L.
2018-11-09Information technologies for providing project process management in law enforcement structuresМойсеєнко, І.П.; Moiseienko, I.P.
2020Information that is important for taxation as an element of the legal regime of secrecy in tax legalКовалів, М.В.; Kovaliv, M.V.; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9730-8401; Красницький, І.В.; Krasnytskyi, I.V.; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5529-7636
2020Innovative Activities Development of Industrial Enterprises in UkraineМойсеєнко, І.П.; Moiseienko, I.P.; Флейчук, М.І.; Fleichuk, M.I.; Демчишин, М.; Demchyshyn, M.
2019Innovative learning strategies in modern pedagogyПосохова, А.В.; Posokhova, A.V.; Вербицька, Х.І.; Verbytska, Kh.I.
2020International Practice of Legal Support of Cyber Security of the CountryСозанський, Т.І.; Sozanskyi, T.I.; Красницький, І.В.; Krasnytskyi, I.V.; Луцик, В.В.; Lutsyk, V.V.; Яремко, Г.З.; Yaremko, H.Z.; Туз, Н.Д.; Tuz, N.D.
Бойко, Головач, Сковронська2.pdf.jpg2016Introduction to Business Speaking. Вступ до ділового спілкування: навчальний посібникБойко, О.Т.; Boiko, O.T.; Головач, Т.М.; Holovach, T.M.; Skovronska, I.Yu.; Сковронська, І.Ю.
2018Investigation of the essence and components of categorical apparatus of economic security at the enterprisesНагірна, О.В.; Nahirna, O.V.; Висоцька, І.Б.; Vysotska, I.B.
2019Issues of Legal Guarantee Security upon Entry into Employment under the Labor Code Draft of UkraineРуданецька, О.С.; Rudanetska, O.S.
2019Lexical and semantic transformations applied in the Ray Bradbury’s short storiesРоманюк, О.М.; Romaniuk, O.M.
2020«Living book» as psychological and pedagogical technology of orphans upbringingШиделко, А.В.; Shydelko, A.V.; Кузьо, Л.І.; Kuzo, L.I.
2020Logistics as a supply tool ecological and economic security of the stateГобела, В.В.; Hobela, V.V.; ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7438-2329
2018Macroeconomic risks: classified features, methods of measurement, mitigation patternsАндрушко, Я.С.; Andrushko, Ya.S.; Ілюшик, О.М.; Iliushyk, O.M.; ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1741-8625; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4619-5785
2019Management of counteracting the invasive crops' spread in the Ukrainian economy agrarian sector security systemРевак, І.О.; Revak, I.O.